Organic & Fair Trade Wines

D.O. Valley Maipo, Chile

About Us

In 1998 a visionary approach led us to cultivate our vineyards organically since the day one, being the first vineyard in Chile that conceived the  plantation as organic from the beginning. Also, this drive for innovation and engagement with nature led us to develop the first 100% organic  wine from Chile, which is elaborated from organically grown grapes and no added sulfites, thus attaining the challenge that my father and winemaker -José Teillery- had since his years at the Universidad de Chile and then at his degree at Universidad de Bordeaux.
Today we work together, continuing this passion that is viticulture, always looking at it harmonize innovation, commitment to nature and with  our collaborators.

Solange Teillery

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Fair for life
Fair Trade

We have a strong commitment to our employees and nature, because in few and simple words it is fair and necessary. For us there is no another way to be part of this business. This is our conviction, and we will continue working for improving the high standards defined by IMO and by our self, in order to increase the working conditions of our employees and also their quality of life.

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What is Organic

Beyond what the laws of each country sets about it, the fact is that a wine is 100% organic when it is produced from organically grown grapes and when its processes of vinification and elaboration have not added sulphites (sulfur dioxide or S02) or any another chemical product.

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Our Wines

Grapes are processed at our winery and cellar located in Isla de Maipo, where state-of-the-art technology is used for processing and storage of our wines, with the organic certification of IMO. We have two lines of wines: 100% Organic, madefrom organically grown grapes and no added sulfites and wines made from organic grapes and added sulphites.

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Weddings & Events

The middle of a park of more than 6,000 mts.cuadrados and just 34kms from Santiago Viña Teillery has a nice country house available for weddings, parties and events.

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